How Advertising Determines Your Customer Base Size

Do you wish to expand your customer base? Advertising on radio and television makes this happen … as long as it is done properly and with the right mindset. What do we mean by that? The most obvious thing any dealer wants is the immediate response radio and TV advertising can provide, meaning that once the consumer is exposed to your message, he or she comes in and buys a vehicle from you in short order. That’s great when it happens, but more often than not a typical customer puts a lot more thought into the buying process than this.


So instead of making your ads pertinent only to those in the market for a car today with the expectation of instant gratification (an immediate sale), you also must advertise to everyone else in your market. Almost everyone in your market who is of driving age – no matter where you are – will be looking for transportation at some point, and you want to be sure they’re thinking of your dealership when they do.


That said, you should always advertise with the following mindset: Each time you advertise on the radio or on TV, you are potentially expanding your customer base because you are making contact with people in every state of the buying process – including those not actively shopping today. You are also reaching out to any folks who have recently moved into the area and may not yet know who you are.


But to get their attention, there must be “something in it for them” or they’ll ignore it. If you don’t have a keen understanding of customer behavior, you might miss the mark and lose out on enlarging your customer base in the long run.


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