Have You Found Your Niche?

Your NicheWhen you are able to discover your niche in business – automotive dealerships included – you have achieved a major milestone toward success. As you find your niche – one that will be of interest to people who will buy cars from you – a monumental discovery is being made, and you’ll differentiate yourself from your competition.


Let’s examine the interesting case of Ray Kroc, the McDonald’s hamburger mogul. Many years ago, Mr. Kroc walked into a Florida bank where he did not have an account, asking if they would cash a check for him. The teller, not realizing she was in the presence of someone famous, decided to make small talk while she took care of his transaction and asked him what he did for a living. Instead of saying he was the CEO of a multi-million-dollar corporation, he simply replied, “I sell hamburgers.”


While that is a clever remark and his single-mindedness undoubtedly served him well, as an auto dealer you have to be a lot more strategic than merely telling those in your market, “I sell cars.” Discovering your niche is sometimes difficult to do, but it is an absolute necessity if you want success in your advertising efforts. Without being able to clearly convey your message to your audience in a way that will make them want to learn more about you (and, of course, buy from you), there’s no way you should expect maximum success as you market yourself to the people in your community.

Defining Your Niche

The first step is to learn about the buying habits of those in your market; after all, you’re in business to serve them! Ask yourself these questions and see if you know the answers: What is the typical age, gender, education level, household income and specific needs of people who would have interest in the vehicles you sell? Once this has been determined, it’s easier to cater a specific message to people who fit into this audience.


Oftentimes, a dealer needs help getting the answers to these questions. Determining your niche (and your most receptive target audience) requires the help of a skilled automotive advertising agency like JKR. We can help you determine your niche … and make sure your message reaches its intended target. To find out more, call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777.


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