Automotive Newsletters: Cure for the Wandering Customer

Automotive NewslettersAutomotive newsletters are the cure for customer affairs. Let’s be honest … customers have a definite propensity to let their eyes wander. They can be fickle, and are often taken in by the latest and greatest things on the market. If they’re not your latest and greatest things, you could be a victim of a customer affair.

Any person responding to your dealership’s media message – whether they come to your dealership or visit your Web site – is, at that moment, your customer. Will they remain yours? That is entirely up to you! 

Automotive Newsletters Help Prevent Flings

What’s the best way to help prevent a fling with your competition? Automotive newsletters! Keeping in touch regularly with your customers using an automotive newsletter lets them know you care about them even after the sale. That’s the kind of thing that creates loyalty! JKR clients such as Orlando Kia enjoy high customer retention as a result of their regular, quarterly customer automotive newsletter program.

What’s more, automotive newsletters are an excellent way to entice customers to come to you. Money-saving service specials will keep them from going elsewhere, which naturally makes your sales department’s numbers rise. If you are willing to give your customers a meaningful coupon or two, they’ll respond by coming back to you – meaning the newsletter very well could pay for itself in the form of increased service business!

Automotive newsletters are the next-best thing to personally speaking to each one of your customers, and over time your customers will look forward to receiving them.

When you provide customers with content that is informational and educational, they’ll read it – and because they receive it in their mailboxes, they’ll touch it, examine it and open it.

When you consider that it costs about 10 times more to secure a new customer than it does to retain a current one, doesn’t it just make sense to communicate with your current customers? By doing so, you and your customers will have a happy and healthy relationship for years to come.

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