Radio Advertising Value is at an All-Time High

Here at JKR Automotive Advertising, we look forward to the weekly observations of the Wizard of Ads himself, Roy H. Williams, on his Website. This week’s contribution, entitled Radio Versus Pay-Per-Click, really hit home with us.


In our own previous blogs, we’ve demonstrated the power of radio advertising (for one of many examples, click here.) As Mr. Williams correctly points out, radio advertising value has never been higher than it is right now in terms of getting the most bang for one’s buck. “Radio advertising is more cost-effective today than it has ever been, mainly because rates have been suppressed by the myth that no one listens anymore. This is great for media buyers. Bad for station owners,” he writes, perfectly explaining why this is the case.


So many people – automobile dealers included – are being led to believe that radio is yesterday’s news; hence, the suppressed rates Williams mentions. But the fact is, there are still huge numbers of people listening to radio and, as such, the market penetration is still exceptionally high. More than 90% of Americans age 12-plus listen to radio each week. That’s an audience of about 250 million people! (Eighty percent listen in their cars; another 25% listen while they are at work.)


Here’s another reason radio is hard to beat: it works perfectly in tandem with other forms of advertising. For example, when someone listens to a radio program, you can be sure they’ll eventually hear advertisements. When these commercial breaks happen and there is a specific ad – yours – that piques their curiosity, they will go to their computer or mobile device to visit your Website in order to get more information. This is great because a recent Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) study showed that radio ads and Internet together resulted in a more than five times greater recall ability than the Internet advertising alone.


The bottom line? Don’t believe the myth that radio isn’t a great way to get your message to the people in your community – because actually, it’s quite the opposite. So many people believe this fairytale that it now works to your advantage in the form of low ad rates.



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