TV Automotive Advertising is Worth the Investment

Automotive TV AdvertisingTV Automotive Advertising is something every car dealer should consider. There is simply no better way to reach a large number of people in a short time. Think about it … when was the last time you knew of someone who didn’t have at least one TV in their home? That means there’s almost no one you can’t reach!

Despite what you may have heard, TV remains the most-used media in the world, and it’s not even close. People spend more time watching TV than they do on their computers, listening to radio, reading or using their Smart Phones. Its reach and influence cannot be matched by anything else. Did you know research shows that the average TV viewer over the age of two watches an astounding 34 hours of television per week? Stop for a moment and let that sink in … 34 hours per week!

Reasons Why TV Automotive Advertising Works

This begs the question, how might these facts influence a car dealer to market his store(s) using TV Automotive Advertising? There are lots of reasons. First, TV causes the viewer to use multiple senses, making it the most powerful form of advertising. What better way to create brand awareness for your dealership, and its products and services? It’s “show-and-tell” at its finest.

TV allows you to select a highly targeted audience. A local dealership, for example, would choose to advertise on specific shows rather than the same station. This will allow you to air your TV commercials during programs of interest to people most likely to purchase a vehicle from you. You can target such things as age, a viewer’s interests, location, income levels, gender, and more.

Television commercials also give an automotive dealership an air of credibility and prestige that can’t be duplicated. TV is the most favored and trusted source for learning about new things, according to 53% of Americans.

FREE TV Automotive Advertising Review

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